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“With Shiatsu I finally found a method that suits my body. In a gentle way, I’m almost entirely free of my menopausal symptoms.”

Iokai meridian shiatsu, A world of difference

shiatsu-massageIokai shiatsu is a manual therapy. By natural pressure given by thumps and fingers, but also elbow en feet, the ki (chi) or free flow of life energy in your body is stimulated. Barriers in the energy circulation are often the cause of a variety of complaints and diseases. Pressurepointmassage strengthens the self-healing ability of the body. Acupressure has the aim to restore the balance in your body and your life.

Which complaints can Iokai shiatsu resolve or alleviate

Neck, shoulder, back problems, burn-out, overstraining, stress, headache, migraine, RSI, worrying, fatigue, menstrual complaints, support with menopause, digestive problems, problems with sleeping. Read more..

Shiatsu is no replacement for western medicine, but it can well be combined with other natural or regular medicine.

Health insurance companies

Iokai shiatsu therapy treatments are (partially) reimbursed if you have an additional health insurance. Insurance companies can change their policy, please refer to your policy conditions in advance.

A shiatsu session is approx 60 minutes and costs 70 euro.