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Customer experiences

It is very nice to be touched with so much care and quality. The peace and joy that I have felt where inviting. I have experienced the treatments as purifying and healing, my body is better balanced.
Maarten Roos

A treatment by Wendy is a journey in which I become aware of my body and emotions. Through her intuition and using different techniques she knows exactly to hit the right note. Then she uses her perseverance in order to get to the core and to restore balance. Afterwards, I feel great, relaxed and cheerful.
Els Bouwman

I’ve learned to listen to the signals from my body and that affects my daily life. I feel calmer and more balanced.

Wendy van Telgen seems to fully listen to your body. She is firm when she can, careful when she needs to, and her extensive training with trauma therapy makes sure that she can deal with whatever emotions come up. At Shiatis, I feel safe and understood, but most of all: she fixes me up fast and lasting. Wendy is for sure one of the best shiatsu therapists that I ever worked with. She has made my back relax after a car accident (no more pain!), she helped me through stressful times with supporting massages. But she does more than massage the body: her approach is targeted at your whole system, so emotions are welcome here. If you need some deep emotional body work, get rid of trauma stress, I would recommend calling Wendy. Now that I am nice and balanced and pain free, I regularly visit with Wendy for a ‘maintanance’ massage. Because it’s awesome.
Nicoline Douwes Isema