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“A treatment by Wendy is a journey in which I become aware of my body and emotions. Through her intuition and using different techniques she knows exactly to hit the right note. Then she uses her perseverance in order to get to the core and to restore balance. Afterwards, I feel great, relaxed and cheerful. ” ~ Els Bouwman

I like to introduce myself…

My name is Wendy van Telgen, I am 45 years old. More 18 years ago, the enthusiasm of a shiatsu teacher in Nepal inspired me to make bodywork my profession. During the many years of training I followed, I’ve learned to listen with my hands. This sincere form of communication has touched me deeply. For me, bodywork is a beautiful way to learn about life.


Iokai Shiatsu therapy, 4-year professional training by Sensei Kazunori Sasaki, Eloïse Sewell
Medical basic knowledge Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology
Rebalancing (in aducation)

Haptonomy, basic training year
Persoonlijk begeleider gehandicaptenzorg MBO 4


Arun conscious touch, by Anubuddha cofounder Rebalancing
connective tissue therapy, by Paulo Guimarães
rebalancing massage, by Erica Heijnen
Focusing by E. Gendlin, given by Drs. Rene Maas
Haptonomy, and communication
Vipassana, mindfulness meditation courses
Holistic maternity care by Suzanne Yates
Female symptoms by Eloïse Sewell
Pelvis by Peter Kleine-Horst (Osteopath)
Rebalancing by Rob Merkx, Jeanine Deursen, Wilko Iedema
cranio sacral by Etienne Peirsman
Hara and Pulse diagnose by Sasaki Sensei