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images1PMECYSTRebalancing is a body-oriented process in which body wisdom is used as a doorway for awareness and personal growth. Each session is a combination of conversation and bodywork. By conversing and using touch, I help you to become aware of what you are feeling in your body, and how that affects your life. The insights that arise help you to recognise your own limits and to know what you want and need. Making it easier for you to make choices that suit your life.

The body reveals
In a healthy body, everything is in motion. Only then can it function optimally. Unprocessed experiences and emotions disrupt these dynamics, which can lead to physical complaints.
During a session, we look at what has stagnated. Not for the purpose of fixing it, because that actually reinforces the dynamics of stagnation. By giving attention to emotions, feelings and experiences, they are recognised and felt and can be given a place. Hence the tension can be released.

Rebalancing is an eclectic mix of gentle, listening touch methods (Craniosacral), deep connective tissue techniques (Rolfing), rhythmic movements (Trager), breathwork (bioenergetics), Focussen and mindfulness.

When would you choose Rebalancing?

  • If you want to learn how to improve your ability to feel and listen more precisely to your body language.
  • For emotional or psychosomatic complaints, such as fatigue, insomnia, trauma, burnout, shortness of breath, worrying, pessimism, loss and grieving, fear, anger, sadness.


  • A session lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.
  • The session takes partially place on a massage table.
  • Several sessions are required (usually between 3 to 15 sessions)
  • Most health insurance companies partially reimburse Rebalancing.